Vaccination Opportunity


(NOT mandatory)

WHAT: COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic (Pfizer)

WHEN:  September 8th, 2021

WHERE: Goldthwaite High School Nurse Office

TIME:    High school students/staff:         8:30AM

Middle school students/staff:     9:00AM

Parents of students:                 9:30AM

If you are interested in having your child vaccinated for COVID-19, they can do so here at school on September 8, 2021.  The Family Practice Clinic will be on campus to administer the vaccine (Pfizer) to students ages 12 and up whose parents consent to them getting the vaccine.


Parents are also welcome to come and receive the vaccine on that date. There is NO COST to receive the vaccine.

The second dose will be given on September 29th.

Please complete and review the attached paperwork and return to school no later than Tuesday September 7, 2021.  Parents interested in receiving the vaccine should also complete the paperwork and bring it with you when you come to school to get the vaccine, and please call 325-648-3055 (Elementary campus) to have your name added to the list so that we can assure we have plenty of vaccines (Pfizer) available.

If you have questions you should contact your primary care physician, the Family Practice Clinic of Mills County at (325) 648-2850, or Leslie Watson and Renae Koen at (325) 648-3055.