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The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, ensures the educational rights and protections for children and youth experiencing homelessness.
Homelessness is defined as:
     - having a lack of fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence and includes
       children and youth who are sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing,      
       economic hardship, or similar reasons;
    - children or youth living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or camping grounds due to the lack of  
      alternative accommodations; are living in emergency or transitional shelters; are abandoned in
      hospitals; or are awaiting foster care placement;
    - children or youth who have a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place not
      designed for or ordinarily used as regular sleeping accommodation for human beings;
    - children or youth living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing,
      bus or train stations, or similar settings.
Additional resources can be found at:

For information or assistance, please contact:
LeighAnne Jernigan              
Homeless Liaison
Goldthwaite Elementary School
Cheryl Wright
Homeless Liaison
Goldthwaite Middle and High Schools

GCISD Dyslexia Information & Plan

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Please check here for information on our Dyslexia program!


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Amy Hall Science Grade 3 Teacher

Email Amy Hall (325)648-3055

Amy Kitchens Math Grade 1 Teacher

Email Amy Kitchens (325)648-3055

Chris Biehl Math Grades 4 & 5 Teacher

Email Chris Biehl (325)648-3055

Darla Williams Reading Grade 2 Teacher

Email Darla Williams (325)648-3055

DeeDee Wright Elementary Principal

Email DeeDee Wright (325)648-3055

Emily Berg Art Teacher

Email Emily Berg (325)648-3055

Heather Proffitt ELA Grade 1 Teacher

Email Heather Proffitt (325)648-3055

Jaime Swanner

Email Jaime Swanner

Jana Edington History Grades 4 & 5 Teacher

Email Jana Edington (325)648-3055

Janna Collins Kindergarten Teacher

Email Janna Collins (325)648-3055

Jill Lewis

Email Jill Lewis

Jo Head

Email Jo Head (325)648-3055

Julie Loudamy

Email Julie Loudamy

Kelley Mersinger

Email Kelley Mersinger

Kendra Wright Reading Grades 4 & 5 Teacher

Email Kendra Wright (325)648-3055

Keri Biehl Science Grade 2 Teacher

Email Keri Biehl (325)648-3055

Kristy Gilbert Reading Grade 3 Teacher

Email Kristy Gilbert (325)648-3055

Laurie Sanderson

Email Laurie Sanderson

LeighAnne Jernigan Elementary Counselor

Email LeighAnne Jernigan (325)648-3055

Lori Calder Kindergarten Teacher

Email Lori Calder (325)648-3055

Marla Buchanan Kindergarten Teacher

Email Marla Buchanan (325)648-3055

Michelle Head

Email Michelle Head (325)648-3055

Rosalinda Martinez Reading Grade 1 Teacher

Email Rosalinda Martinez (325)648-3055

Sandy Hudspeth Special Education Teacher

Email Sandy Hudspeth (325)648-3055

Sarah Coker Science Grades 4 & 5 Teacher

Email Sarah Coker (325)648-3055

Shelley Horton Math Grade 2 Teacher

Email Shelley Horton (325)648-3055

High School

Andy Howard

Email Andy Howard

Angie Hermesmeyer High School Athletic Director

Email Angie Hermesmeyer (325)648-3081

Annette Watson Technology Teacher

Email Annette Watson (325)648-3081

Annie Mann Spanish Teacher

Email Annie Mann

Ashley Spradley

Email Ashley Spradley (325)648-3630

Barry Randolph Agricultural Science Teacher

Email Barry Randolph

Beth Seider Math Teacher

Email Beth Seider (325)648-3081

Blaine Dyess

Email Blaine Dyess

Cheryl Wright Math Teacher

Email Cheryl Wright (325)648-3081

Dee Scott Teacher

Email Dee Scott

Greg Proffitt High School Athletic Director

Email Greg Proffitt (325)648-3081

Hayden Lewis History

Email Hayden Lewis

Jeffrey Head Content Mastery Teacher

Email Jeffrey Head (325)648-3081

Jess Seward History Teacher

Email Jess Seward (325)648-3081

Karen Greenway Math Teacher

Email Karen Greenway (325)648-3081

Kris York Agricultural Science Teacher

Email Kris York (325)648-3081

Kristina Gaspar

Email Kristina Gaspar

LeeAnn Duus Science Teacher

Email LeeAnn Duus (325)648-3081

Renae Koen Nurse

Email Renae Koen

Rusty Hollingsworth GHS Principal

Email Rusty Hollingsworth

Shirrel Collins

Email Shirrel Collins

Sonia Edmondson

Email Sonia Edmondson

Soundrea McCarty

Email Soundrea McCarty (325)648-3055

Stephany Eoff Science Teacher

Email Stephany Eoff (325)648-3081

Susan Reynolds High School Band Director

Email Susan Reynolds (325)648-3081

Ty-Bo Tyson

Email Ty-Bo Tyson

Vicki Peters GMS/GHS English

Email Vicki Peters

Middle School

Ashley Spradley

Email Ashley Spradley (325)648-3630

Debra Bridges Math/Science Teacher

Email Debra Bridges (325)648-3630

Greg Proffitt High School Athletic Director

Email Greg Proffitt (325)648-3081

Jessica Pelham

Email Jessica Pelham

Joy Hayes

Email Joy Hayes a

Kia McCarty History Teacher

Email Kia McCarty (325)648-3081

Kim Howard

Email Kim Howard

Landon Sanderson Principal

Email Landon Sanderson

Larry Lacey ELA Teacher

Email Larry Lacey (325)648-3630

Laure Senger Math/Reading Teacher

Email Laure Senger (325)648-3630

Melissa Bristol 8th Grade Math

Email Melissa Bristol

Renae Koen Nurse

Email Renae Koen

Savannah Dyess

Email Savannah Dyess

Shirrel Collins

Email Shirrel Collins

Tanya Patterson

Email Tanya Patterson (325)648-3055

Vicki Peters GMS/GHS English

Email Vicki Peters